Creates the best engine room using CO-MAKERSHIP     |     Innovative Piping Specialist


Our Project Engineers can supply you with the required information for designing engine room systems and outfitting piping systems onboard vessels.
Engineering can be divided in different stages :

3D Scanning

Concept Engineering
      •   Preliminary designs of technical spaces
      •   Capacity calculation for  technical systems 
      •   Preliminary heat balances for engine room systems and cargo areas

Basic Engineering as required for class approval
      •   Process & Instrumentation Diagrams and accompanying parts list 
      •   Arrangements of Engine room and / or other spaces 
      •   Detailed capacity calculations as required

Detail Engineering as required for pipe production and outfitting
      •   3D engineering of piping systems 
      •   Delivery of production drawings (Isometrics) 
      •   Delivery of outfitting drawings

Propulsion arrangements
      •   Propulsion arrangement main engine and propeller installation 
      •   Alignment protocol 
      •   Arrangements drive systems generators & pumps

As-built engineering
      •   Engineering on location to verify built systems 
      •   Re-modeling existing systems prior to modifications / repairs

Any aspect of engineering or a complete design can be supplied turn-key or on hourly basis.

Software in use :

      • 3D  Nupas Cadmatic
      • 3D Nupas Hull
      • 2D Autocad

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