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Which types of cookies are being used?

Most websites make use of the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary – These cookies are necessary to be able to browse websites and use the functions. Without these cookies, facilities such as shopping baskets and electronic payment are not possible.
  • Functional – These cookies allow websites to remember the choices you have made while visiting their site. These cookies are used, for example, to store preferences such as text size and font. The information collected via these cookies cannot be used to find out your identity.
  • Performance – These cookies collect information about your surfing behaviour on websites, for example which pages you visit often. Based on this data, websites and their navigation can be optimised. These cookies are also used to keep track of how you arrived at a website. These cookies do not store any information with which your identity can be found. All the information collected via these cookies is stored in the form of anonymous statistics.
  • Targeting – These cookies track a user for a long time across various websites and are thus able to build up a profile. This allows a user to be segmented by specific interest. These cookies are widely used to profile online for targeted online advertising. An advertising network places a cookie on the user's PC via a third-party site. This cookie can be read by the network on the website that is located in this advertising network.


To allow visitors to use  the website as easily as possible, Wolfard uses necessary, functional and performance cookies.  Curious about which cookies these are? Then take a look in the table below.

Which party places the cookies?Which cookies are placed by this party?What is the purpose of the cookies that have been placed?Which category does this cookie come under?How long do the data (cookies) remain placed/stored?
WolfardJSESSIONIDThe session ID cookie establishes the relationship with data in the database that are recorded during the session.Necessary cookieRemoved at the end of the session
Google Analytics_utmaFor each visitor, records the number of visits, the time of the first visit, the previous visit and the current visit.Performance cookieRemoved after 2 years
Google Analytics_utmb, _utmcRegister when the website visit starts, ends and how long it lasts.Performance cookies_utmb: removed after 30 minutes , _utmc: removed at end of session
Google Analytics_utmzRegisters where a visitor is from.Performance cookiesRemoved after 6 months
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook-These cookies make it possible to immediately share articles via social media when you are logged in. In addition, thanks to these cookies you can see which articles you have already 'tweeted' or, for example, 'already like' on Facebook.Functional CookieRemoved at the end of the session / Removed after 2-5 years
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