Ballast Water Treatment System

Ballast Water Treatment System

The BWM Convention entered into force on 8 September 2017. This obliges ship owners to install a ballast water purification system on board their ships to prevent local ecosystems in our oceans from being (further) affected.

For many owners, the deadline is really getting close. When the IOPP certificate needs to be renewed, a ship must comply with the D-2 standard of the BWM Convention to remain operational.

The complexity and cost of a BWTS refit should not be underestimated. In addition, around 70,000 ships worldwide must meet the D2 standard by 2024. Due to the large investment, many shipping companies have postponed a BWTS refit so far.  Now that the deadline is approaching and so many ships still do not meet the D2 standard, chances are that refit yards and suppliers will no longer be able to meet the demand for BWTS refits.  

Independent advice

Wolfard & Wessels helps ship owners to choose the most optimal BWT system for their ship; UV, electrolysis or electrocatalysis. As an independent refit partner, we determine the best solution together with our clients with sound advice. 

Turnkey installation

Wolfard & Wessels supervises the BWTS refit from A to Z and delivers the installation on a turnkey basis. Using a 3D scan, Wolfard & Wessels can engineer everything prior to the refit, allowing production and installation to be carried out as efficiently as possible. This way, a ship is out of service for the shortest time possible. Accurate planning and good coordination with all parties involved are essential for the project to succeed.


How do we operate?

  • 1

    On board recording & 3D laser scan

  • 2

    Concept design engineering & class approval

  • 3

    Detailed engineering & modeling

  • 4

    Procurement & prefabricated piping systems

  • 5


  • 6

    Installation & commissioning

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